Evénement caritatif à Gand le 18/11/17


It was the third of June 2017, the members of Vascapa were meeting for their annual General Assembly ...

It was a beautiful surprise, good news, and an awesome meeting ...

It was on that day that we met Shanti, Maarten and their daughter, Nora.

Five months later ...

One November 18th 2017, the new Vascapa full members, Shanti and Maarten organised a charity event in support of Vascapa at Ghent.

Home made cakes and quiches to please the guests, nice drinks, a welcoming ambiance and the coming and going of children playing ... everything was perfect!

They succesfully attracted an impressive amount of friends, family members and relatives to share a fantastic moment and donate to the benefit of the association. 

Vascapa wants to thank everybody from our heart, for their enthusiasm, generosity and their engagement with our association.

We truly had a wonderful time with you all!


25th Anniversay of the Center For Vascular Malformations


The Center for vascular malformations of the Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc in Brussels celebrated its 25th anniversary on Saturday 17 September. An interesting program during the day, chaired by Dr. Laurence Boon, was followed by a celebratory dinner and a soirée dansante, all held in the stylish ambiance of the Scandinavian School of Brussels in Waterloo. The day was attended by many physicians and patients and their families, a good part of which has been closely involved in the development of the Center.


The day started with a session dedicated to physicians. Several scientists and doctors gave presentations about the treatment of vascular anomalies and the latest developments in the field, after which they had a discussion about some clinical cases. 



In the afternoon, several patients shared their stories about living with an angioma. The value of the Center could not be better illustrated. A young women told about the detrimental impact the disease had on her childhood, making her feel isolated, lonely and depressed. Treatment at the Center gave her back a normal, happy life. Two girls told how they met through VASCAPA, the patient organisation, and how important it is to have a friend with the same experiences. A farther talked about the long search for a clinic able to treat his young boy. He finally found the Center where the boy received treatment that ameliorated the disease greatly. The father now is an active member of VASCAPA and helps other patients and their parents to get informed.



The patients and their families were informed about the latest developments in the treatment of vascular anomalies by Dr. Boon. She emphasized the importance of research on the disease that has led to great progress in the treatment. The Center has contributed to a number of these advances by it’s research activities that are performed at the de Duve Institute. The day program was closed with some reflections by representatives of rare disease organizations on how rare diseases like a severe vascular anomaly are taken charge of. A delightful dinner and an enjoyable soirée dansante marked the end of a memorable day. Un délicieux dîner et une agréable soirée dansante ont marqué la fin d'une journée mémorable.


The Center for vascular anomalies was founded in 1991 by Prof Romain Vanwijck. He created a multidisciplinairy clinic, dedicated to the care for patients with vascular anomalies, who were at the time often sent from one physician to another. In 25 years the Center has become a well-known clinic, attracting patients from all over Belgium as well as from many other countries. Almost 2000 consultations are performed each year. 

Vascular anomalies, better known as angiomas, are malformations or tumors of capillaries, veins, arteries and lymphatics that can occur everywhere in the body. Due to the diversity of the anomalies and their effects, treatment requires a multidisciplinary approach. The team of the Center for vascular anomalies offers all clinical disciplines necessary for patient care, thanks to its more than 20 specialists, among which dermatologists, paediatrics, surgeons, ophthalmologists. In collaboration with the Laboratory of Human Molecular Genetics of the de Duve Institute, the center also performs research focused on the molecular-genetic bases of vascular anomalies. The research aims to improve the understanding of the disease and to develop better curative therapies. The Center collaborates with the Vascular Anomalies Center at the Children's Hospital of Harvard Medical School in Boston. In addition, it takes social initiatives for the benefit of patients and their families. Five years ago, at the occasion of its 20th anniversary, the Center and a number of its patients together founded VASCAPA. The center also published “Petit Pierre et la tache mystérieuse”, a booklet with the answers to the most frequent questions of patients and their family members.



25 Years of the Center for Vascular Anomalies

The Center for Vascular Anomalies at Cliniques Universitaires St-Luc in Brussels is a multidisciplinary center that has become a national and internal reference in the domain of angioma and vascular anomalies.
It was founded in 1991 by Professor Vanwijck and holds at the moment over 2,000 consultations of patients affected by various types of vascular anomalies.
On Saturday 17th September 2016 we celebrate the 25 year aniversary with you and anyone that wants to contribute to its development. 
If you are interested, you can check the agenda (in French) for further details.
Scandinavian School of Brussels
Square d'Argenteuil, 5
1410 Waterloo

Fabrizio Peco, an artist to discover!

Fabrizio, our artistic sponsor, managed to surprises us once more during his evening "Live and see" on Saturday 13th June 2015, in Luxembourg.
A great project titled "Me", a way to leave his footprint, of sharing his universe through his paintings. Paintings exposed alonside his music to welcome us.
Once light was dimmed, darkness slowly took over to expose what the light was hiding. In fact, the colour games and contrast leaves place to traces that can only be seen exposed to neon lights, effects in 3D, perspectives ... It's a true game of contrasts, of opposites, od duality that reveals the complexity of the work.
"When the night and day are mixed with each other, only the light can make the difference", such is the message.

Thank you, Fabrizio, to be that light amongst us that makes the difference. VASCAPA is lucky to have you as an artistic sponsor, thanks for all that you do for VASCAPA, thanks for all that you are!


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., présidente de VASCAPA.

 Vélo 3 rides for Vascapa at Collège Saint-Michel

It was from 11th to 13th May, they were super motivated and and they've done it with a lot of energy ...
I am writing, of course, of the students of Saint-Michel School in Brussels. They have ridden by bycicle 180km over the course of three days: first lap Éghezée-Tongres, second Tongres-Aachen and third and final Aachen-Verviers.
On top of the sports defy, they have shared a wonderful experience living three days together as a group. And to bring their trip to another dimension, they have ridden to gather funds for VASCAPA, by organizing a ride-for-km collect.
It was a very emotional moment when I received from them their check for 1,608 EUR when they arrived to SFX1 school at Verviers.
I was truly impressed by their honest concern for the cause they were riding for. 
Special thanks to Chiara, the student that proposed our association for their support, who knew how to convince her comrades to select us for this wonderful project. 
Special thanks also to Fabric Gason, the father of one of the class studens who was key to this initiative, and succesfully motivated teachers, students and other parents. Through these lines I thank them from the bottom of my heart for their energy along this adventure. 
Thanks to Fabrice, we had the opportunity to meet with the students, to explain face to face who we were, and what we do. We also had then the opportunity to train with them on their las training at Tervuren. 
Juan et Jérôme, two VASCAPA members, have also ridden with the students on their final lap, and they could share and appreciate the motivation of these youngsters as well as the phenomenal organization put in place by the schools and parents. 
We must also specify that the Saint-Michel school was sharing the sportive event with the students of the same level of the Saint-François-Xavier (SFX) school from Verviers. 
So in total, it was aproximately 250 cyclists riding from town to town. 
At their arrival at Verviers, VASCAPA was present to receive them, congratulate them and sure enough thank them for the support to our association. 
It was an exceptional event, THANK YOU!
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., VASCAPA President.